How to use NetSuite SDF to download bundles/components

1. Install SuiteCloud IDE(Eclipse + Plugin)

1.2 Updating Eclipse for Use with SuiteCloud IDE
1.3 Enable NS Features, SDF,
Setup > Company > Enable Features > SuiteCloud > SUITECLOUD DEVELOPMENT FRAMEWORK

2. Create SuiteCloud IDE, Project

File > New > SuiteCloud Project,
Account Customization
Project Name

3. NETSUITE UI, Assign Current Employee Record with "SDF Developer - 2FA Off" role

Create an custom role, make sure the 2FA is off(mandatory uncheck and ‘Not required‘) in: Setup > Users/Roles > Two-Factor Authentication Roles

4. Configure SuiteCloud IDE to connect with NS (One-Time Setup)

Manage Account
Add Account(s)
Setup > Company > Company Information
Issue Token (Token has been issued)

5. Eclipse, Right click, NetSuite > Change Project Setting.

6. Eclipse, NetSuite > Import Bundle Components

List Bundles

Select which Bundle to download